Central City Bus Terminal

What other ways to get around Korea aside from the subway trains is of course, The Fancy Korean Buses.

During my first ever Korea Tour, we took courage (ahahehhehe…) to take the Intercity Bus from Central City Bus Terminal in Seoul to Jeonju.

Surprisingly, it’s not difficult to locate the Central City Bus Terminal, it is accessible via subway train, which made it more convenient.


  1. Take Line 3 or 7 or 9 of the Seoul Subway Train and go down at Express Bus Terminal Station.
  2. Follow the arrows to exit towards Honam Line (호남선).
  3. As soon as you get out, turn right and you will see this (below image) and walk to that direction and you will reach the terminal.
    Central City Bus Terminal
    Central City Bus Terminal

    Main Routes of Honam Line (호남선)
    Gwangju (광주), Yeongwol (영월), Namwon (남원), Jeonju (전주), Mokpo (목포), Cheongju (청주), Buan (부안), Chuncheon (춘천), Yeosu (여수), Chungju (충주)

For more information about Central City Bus Terminal, please visit the Korean Tourism Organization Official Website.

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope that you’ll visit again.

어서 오세요! Come and visit Korea.

Have a happy, fun and exciting Korea Tour! Be Enchanted!

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