Korean Food | Galbi Tang | 갈비탕

Galbi Tang

What’s perfect for a cold winter day?


Galbi Tang | 갈비탕!

We went to Suwon to visit the market place as my mother would like to purchase korean utensils, pots, plates and more.

When done with purchasing, Mama asked Mr. Kim to take us to a delicious Galbi Tang restaurant. *whispers* It’s her favorite korean dish as it is served non-spicy. *smiles*

Fighting the chilly weather, we hurriedly walked about 3 blocks away from the market to the Galbi Tang restaurant.  We found the traditional restaurant and luckily, there were still seats left for us. Manse!

We were warmly greeted as we entered and straightly guided to our table. I always wanted to dine on a korean off-shoes floor-seated restaurant and viola! It was just like I wanted *happy*.

As this is a Galbi Restaurant, we didn’t have to wait that long for our order.  It came in less than five minutes on a steaming hot earthen pot.  Just the way I watched in Korean dramas.

*after taking the videos and photos*

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

Munch! Munch! Munch!

Siwonhada!!! (Refreshing!)

It was truly a delicious Galbi! It totally warmed our cold body and filled our empty stomach!!! Two thumbs up for this restaurant.

I would definitely visit them again! If only I can find where I kept the toothpick with their name and address on! *grins*

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope that you’ll visit again.

어서 오세요! Come and visit Korea.

Have a happy, fun and exciting Korea Tour! Be Enchanted!

감사합니다. 건강하고 행복하세요!