Kkanbu Chicken | 깐부 치킨

One of the must eat in Korea is none other than FRIED CHICKEN. Korea offers different varieties of fried chicken.  From soy sauce, sweet chilly, to sizzling hot flavors.

Fried chicken is usually coupled with alcohol.  But the famous partner is beer (맥주) and it is called Chimaek (치맥) short for Chicken and Beer.

As we have stayed along Hongdae (홍대) area, Chicken restaurants are everywhere.

And we found one just along side our guesthouse called  Kkanbu Chicken.


It has the atmosphere like Chillis and Fridays.kkanbu-2

When we visited, we saw groups of friends and families having fun while drinking and eating crispy fried  chicken.


On the ceiling, I noticed calligraphy writings. At first, I thought it was just for artsy decoration, but it turned out that it was the varieties of chicken the restaurant serves (fancy clever idea!).


The prices are very reasonable and I believe affordable for tourists.
kkanbu-6 kkanbu-7

Like any other restaurants, the menu is intentionally displayed outside to catch the attention of possible customers passing by around the area.


Cassy surely is happy holding up the chicken we bought.


The serving is enough to be eaten by 2 to 3 persons.


The fried chicken is truly crispy, tasty and juicy on the inside.

kkanbu-12 kkanbu-13

The pickles that came along with it, is really sweet and refreshing. And for me it is a perfect combo (although others would find it a bit weird).


As I said, it is a must-try.  Don’t miss this KFood Spot when you visit Korea.

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope that you’ll visit again.

어서 오세요! Come and visit Korea.

Have a happy, fun and exciting Korea Tour! Be Enchanted!

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