My First Hanbok Experience

I am one of those Korean Drama Lovers who particularly is attracted to watch period dramas (about Kings and Queens of Joseon Dynasty) and it led me to be fascinated with Korea’s Traditional Dress, The Hanbok.

On a chilly snowy day in Seoul, we went to visit Bukchon Hanok Village.  Me and my travel buddies passed by a hanok offering Hanbok experience.  And so we didn’t let the chance get by.  The experience was for 7000 won each (very reasonable price).  We were assisted to properly dress and was given almost an hour to take photos on our own (as no dedicated photographer included in the package) inside and outside the hanok.

My first hanbok experience was really awesome! I felt I traveled back to the Joseon Era (grins).   I was randomly given the hanbok worn by the Queen.  Really special right? The colors was stunning and the cloth was really soft and flowing.  The Ajumma who assisted me even taught me how to pose. Apparently the Queen always places her hand inside the hanbok top (Royalty gesture, I guess).

Judging from my experience, the hanbok, is not to be worn on its own during winter time, as it is so thin. Undergarments and winter tops are a must, otherwise, frost bites! =P

On your travel to Korea, don’t miss the chance to try the Hanbok. It will definitely be a great korean experience.

More photos of Korean Hanbok with my friends coming up.

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope that you’ll visit again.

어서 오세요! Come and visit Korea.

Have a happy, fun and exciting Korea Tour! Be Enchanted!

감사합니다. 건강하고 행복하세요!