Trickeye and Ice Museum

I saw lots of posts regarding Trick Eye Museum and it got me interested to actually visit it.  Surprisingly, there’s one museum near our guesthouse.  It’s really near but we went in circles looking for it.   The map handed to us was really misleading (or was it just us who can’t understand the map?  ㅋㅋㅋ), we even asked the locals there and they didn’t seem to understand the map as well.  But through perseverance and lots of walking, we magically found the place. =)

hongdae-4This is the main entrance of the museum. You would not notice it at first but the lady statue placed on top is a great sign to remember that it is the Trickeye Museum.

The actual museum is downstairs and along the way to get there is another museum which is the Love Musuem.  Only Grown-ups are allowed there (that’s why I didn’t go in… ㅋㅋㅋ).

We went straight to the Ticket booth and presented our discount voucher and got a 3,000 won discount on every ticket. Sweet right?

trickeye-2 trickeye-1
Of course as soon as we walked in, the fun and imagination begins.
trickeye-13 trickeye-14 trickeye-15 trickeye-16 trickeye-17 trickeye-18 trickeye-19One of my favorite actor, Kim Soo Hyun, visited the place himself.  And of course, I didn’t let the chance pass by, and took a photo with him =).

trickeye-20 trickeye-21 trickeye-22 trickeye-23 trickeye-24 trickeye-25 trickeye-26 trickeye-27 trickeye-28 trickeye-29 trickeye-30 trickeye-31 trickeye-32 trickeye-33 trickeye-34 trickeye-35 trickeye-36 trickeye-37 trickeye-38 trickeye-39 trickeye-40 trickeye-41 trickeye-42 trickeye-43 trickeye-44 trickeye-45 trickeye-46 trickeye-49 trickeye-50I’m being swallowed by this giant fish and I still afford to smile (bad acting!!!!) ㅋㅋㅋ..
trickeye-52Cassy and the paparazzi… =) 

trickeye-53Cassy made Spidey carry her.  Oh no…

A bonus museum exists behind this door =).trickeye-12 trickeye-11 trickeye-10 trickeye-9 trickeye-8It’s super cold but I can’t pass on having wings right? =)
trickeye-6 trickeye-5Me and Mama becoming Ice Women =)
trickeye-7Cassy and her giant wings.  She believe she can fly. =)
trickeye-4 trickeye-3

It was a petite Ice Museum but it surely is fun.

Never miss to experience Trick Eye Museum on your visit to Korea.

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